Thursday, February 17, 2011

Johlin Century Winery - 140 Years of Winemaking

My mother went with me on a winery research trip last fall.  The wine owners and makers were hospitable, loved the attention, offered wine tastings, andposed for pictures.  One of the wineries we visited was little-known Johlin Century Winery in Oregon near Maumee Bay. The winery was established in 1870 and still exists on Johlin family farm and red brick home outside Toledo.  Brothers Bolan and Jarrod have revitalized the winery which now makes vitis labrusca wines in the family's German tradition.  They learned wine making from grandfather Richard. Concord is their driest wine, and they bottle mostly mead and fruit wines as well as a cream Niagra and a decent Catawba. Bolan takes a good picture for a guy who didn't want his picture taken, but I've instead posted a photo of bottles of wine against the wallpaper he hung with his grandmother.  

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